Drapes add warmth and style to your windows.  We carry an extensive line of drapery.

Woven Woods

Made from select natural woods, including reeds, bamboos and grasses, woven wood shades are uniquely textured, adding casual good looks to any room. When lowered, these woven wood shades lie flat; when raised, the woven woods hang in even, overlapping folds.

Alternative Wood Blinds

If you are looking for window treatments that you can tilt and also pull out of the way, blinds may be your best and most functional choice. Our wood or alternative wood blinds can be exactly what your windows need to block the sun, while giving you the option of having an unobstructed view through your window. Wood blinds are also a great insulator that can help to keep the heat out. We carry all types of blinds that can be used for residential and commercial applications.  Blinds are available in a large array of colors and finishes. They are popular among customers due to their durability and low cost. Blinds can provide a practical solution to match any décor, as they fit a variety of window sizes and styles while offering open and close versatility for controlling light and privacy.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are still a desired window treatment for various reasons. For one, they bring elegance into any room. Vertical blinds are also easy to maintain, and provide excellent light control as they come in a variety of textures, colors and patterns. In addition, they are practical and simple to clean.

Vertical blinds are the perfect solution for sliding doors and wide windows.

Motorization - Motorized Shades

Have you ever thought of automating your room or do you have a window that`s hard to reach.  Motorized  blinds can be programmed to open or close with a remote control.  We have all kinds of motorized shades to offer and they all look awesome, roman shade,  roller and many more. Ask us how we can automate your blinds and shades for your comfort and convenience

Do your windows need daily adjustment? Are they large and hard to reach? How would you like to enjoy the comfort & security of today’s technology to tackle all of these issues at once?

With today’s technology you can now operate treatments individually, in groups, or simultaneously.

Automated blinds and shades remove the hassle of having to worry about leveling your window treatments or undoing entangled cords.

Roller/Solar Shades

Roller / solar shades are practical and stylish, as they allow you to control the sun and light while, at the same time, enhancing even the most sophisticated of interior decorating schemes. Roller shades come in a range of weaves, colors and styles and are extremely durable and virtually maintenance free.

Roller / Solar shades control the sun’s heat and will help reduce cooling costs, glare and fading.

Solar shades are translucent and therefore preserve your view while providing Ultra Violet (UV) protection.

These Window Treatments are suitable for large floor-to-ceiling windows and small windows.
Roller / Solar Shades can be ordered with these options:

- Continuous cord
- Motorized                                

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades come in a wide selection and variety of fabrics, colors and textures. These shades are soft yet durable window treatments that are ideal to any room décor.

The cellular design forms pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to make your home more comfortable year-round, and help reduce your energy consumption. In addition, they may help absorb sound, therefore controlling unwanted noise.

Honeycomb Shades can be ordered with these options:
- Single, double, or triple cell
- 3/8", 3/4", or 1 1/4" cell sizes
- Top down bottom up
- Continuous cord mechanism
- Retractable cord mechanism

- Cordless


We offer a complete line of precision-made custom shutters to choose from. Our plantation shutters can be built to work with virtually any type of window, including patio doors and pass-through windows.

Flawless fit, finish and function, our custom plantation shutters give your home a custom look and enhance the character of your home.

Shutters are easy to clean and maintain and are one of the best window insulators you can buy. Designed to last the lifetime of your home, plantation shutters are gorgeous and give you precise control over ventilation and light.